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Welcome to Dr. Ralf Berger’s webpage. He is a full member of the Plastic Surgery Brazilian Society. Learn about his professional background and get information regarding the surgeries he has performed. Our objective is to offer the most important information so that you feel safe and sure you are making the best choice.

Dr. Ralf Berger

Dr. Ralf Berger was born in Ponta Grossa, Paraná, and has been working as a doctor since 2004. His plastic surgery residency was done under the supervision of Dr. Ivo Pitanguy, in Rio de Janeiro. His surgeries seek the perfect balance between his patients’ desires and the technical knowledge acquired throughout the time and his practice.

Leave a message or send an email to ralf@ralfberger.com.br or call (42) 3224-7099 and make an appointment.

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Dr. Ralf Berger performs the most varied surgeries and minimally invasive procedures. Below, you’ll find a summary of the main procedures performed.

Nose plastic surgery


One of Dr. Ralf’s main focus of study.

Breast augmentation


Increasing the breasts with silicone implant.

Abdomen plastic surgery


Exclusive and nationally recognized technique.

Eyelid surgery


The surgery that removes excess skin from the eyelids.

Reduction Mammoplasty


Reduces volume and ‘lifts’ the breasts.



Removes excess fat and, sometimes, replaces it in strategic areas.

Facial rejuvenation


Restores facial harmony lost with ageing.

Post great ponderal losses


Eliminates skin excess and fat deposits after great weight losses.

Chin Plastic Surgery


Many times combined with rhinoplasty, it augments the chin and harmonizes the face.

Hyaluronic acid


Learn about the procedure that restores the volume, eliminate wrinkles and rejuvenate the face without surgery.

Ear plastic surgery


Give the ears a normal appearance.

Botulinum Toxin


Expression and static wrinkles are softened with the applications.


Send an e-mail to clinica@ralfberger.com.br, call +55 42 3224-7099 or click on the box.

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‘I’ve Always wanted to have a surgery to improve the appearance of my nose, but at the same time I was afraid of being disappointed with the result and regretting having done the surgery. When I saw the result of Dr. Ralf’s work I was sure I would be in good hands. His commitment and perfectionism gave me great confidence. I was really happy with Dr. Ralf’s and his team’s work before and after the surgery. As for the result of the rhinoplasty, I can say it overcame my expectations and changed my quality of life. Now I can look at the mirror and feel good about my appearance.”

C, doctor – 24 years old

‘I’m a surgeon and before taking my daughter to a plastic surgeon, I made a point of watching some plastic surgeries being performed. I decided to use Ralf’s service because he really outstands regarding technique, care and fineness. Nowadays, my daughter is very happy with the surgery and indicates an appointment with Ralf to her friends. He became the plastic surgeon of my family!’

F, D’s father – 17 years old

‘I’m a student of Medicine and before having my surgery I researched a lot. I watched several plastic surgeries and I chose Professor Ralf to be my plastic surgeon because he is special. É
He is updated, attentive to details and this makes all difference between a good surgery and a perfect surgery. Nowadays, my nose is perfect!’

A – 23 years old

‘I had my silicone implanted by Dr Ralf in Rio de Janeiro six years ago, and the result of the surgery is great until today. I’ll be Always grateful.’

C, – 35 years old

‘One of my dreams came true through the hands of the best plastic surgery team. I feel gorgeous after the surgery.’

D – 33 years old

I’ve Always dreamt of having a plastic surgery and when I decided to have one I was happy to hear a friend who advised me to make an appointment with Dr. Ralf Berger. I found his website and when I read that his Plastic Surgery Residency had been at Ivo Pitanguy Institute, I was sure that this would be my best choice and made an appointment immediately. With Dr. Ralf I found great professionalism. The augmentation mammoplasty surgery was a success and the result was better than I had imagined! After 8 days I could already drive and after 45 days I could play my favorite sport, volleyball! Everything was perfect! I super recommend, his work is impeccable!

V – 30 years old

‘My silicone is perfect. It changed my life!’

B – 20 years old

‘When my daughter decided to adequate her breasts to her body size, I was worried and, therefore we had appointments with several doctors, but thank God somebody told us about Dr. Ralf. We felt immediately safe with all the attention and information provided by him and the surgery and post-surgery was not different. The result was perfect and she had no problems. The size was suitable, which did not result in stretch marks and the recovery was fast. To sum up, we were really happy with the results and we have ever since recommended this professional for the work he delivers with love and dedication.’

A’s mother – 18 years old

‘I’ve chosen Dr Ralf’s team to perform my surgeries because I felt confident with them. Nowadays, after the surgery, I feel as the happiest woman in the world.’

D – 33 years old

‘When I contacted Dr. Ralf to perform a rhinoplasty, I had the intention of improving my self-steem. My nose was never ugly, but I did not like it when looked from one side, it looked to high and big for the size of my face. I even asked the doctor to give me a ‘very small nose’. But Dr. Ralf, with his wisdom and knowledge said that he would make my nose more harmonious and matching my face format. Nowadays, my nose is what I like most in my face, I feel good even when looked sideways and I get many positive comments about my appearance, and nobody ever asks whether I had a nose job. Dr. Ralf is the best plastic surgeon I know. I completely trust him and his work!’

J – 38 years old

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Leave a message, send an e-mail to clinica@ralfberger.com.br or call +55 42 3224.7099 and make an appointment.


Arm lifting
Thigh lifting
Calf implants
Scar removal

Breast implant
Breast Reduction

Eyelid Surgery
Jowl and Neck Lifting

Face Lifting
Chemical Peeling

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