Removing fat and, sometimes, repositioning it in strategic places

This is a surgery that results in satisfaction to the surgery and patient. Nowadays, this is the most performed plastic surgery. Its great advantage is leaving very small scars hidden in strategic places.
Liposuction aims at removing fat deposits which are usually located in hips, thighs, abdomen, knees and neck. Many ask why fat tends to accumulate specifically in these regions.

In women, the oestrogen contributes to the formation of deposits mainly in the buttocks and thighs to provide extra energy during pregnancy and the breastfeeding period.
In men, the hormonal influence leads to deposition of fat mainly in the abdomen and waist. Therefore, patients with localized fat who do not respond to diet and physical exercise programs are the ideal patients for this surgery.

It seems relevant to mention that the procedure does not substitute good eating habits and physical exercise and should not be indicated to obese patients who think this might be the solution to their weight loss problems.

When the fat removed is to be used to add volume to other areas, the fat to be reinserted is carefully removed with a syringe so that it is not traumatized and keeps the conditions to be assimilated by the body after grafting. Then, the fat is applied to areas with lack of volume such as thighs, buttocks and breasts.
Despite being popular, liposuction must be carefully indicated, since the results depend mainly on the ability of the skin of the treated local to retract after removal of the underlying fat. This retraction tends to be more intense in patients with thick skin which is not flaccid. In the cases where there is saggy skin and fat deposits, procedures involving the removal of this skin (besides the fat) are necessary.

In these patients, if only the fat is removed using liposuction, the appearance of wrinkles and folds due to saggy skin will be intensified, generating unsatisfactory results. Unfortunately, irregularities and depression caused by “cellulite” might not be eliminated by liposuction, although there might be some improvement of the aesthetic appearance in the region treated.

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