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Welcome to the website of Dr. Ralf Berger, Full Member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery. Discover his professional career and obtain information about the surgeries he performs. Our goal is to provide the most important information so that you feel confident that you are making the right choice.


Dr. Ralf Berger is from Paraná, from Ponta Grossa, and has been a doctor since 2004. He completed his Plastic Surgery residency at the Dr Ivo Pitanguy Service, in Rio de Janeiro, the best-known Plastic Surgery school in the world. In his surgeries, he seeks to find the perfect balance between the desires of his patients and the technical knowledge, acquired over time and practice.

He founded the Plastic Surgery Service at the Ponta Grossa University Hospital in 2012, where he worked for 7 years.

Member of the Emirates Plastic Surgery Society – EPSS. He was the only non-American Plastic Surgeon in one of the main clinics in Dubai, where he worked for 3 years, having operated on patients from more than 30 countries.

Leave a message, send an email to clinica@ralfberger.com.br or call (42) 3224-7099 and schedule your appointment.



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Dr. Ralf Berger performs a wide range of body and face contouring surgeries. Below, you can access a summary of the main procedures performed.


Breast Augmentation


Enlarges breasts with silicone implants.

Breast Reduction


Reduces volume and “lifts” the breasts.

Breast Lift


Treats sagging breasts and increases volume.



Removes fat and repositions it in strategic areas.

Abdominal plastic surgery


Exclusive and nationally recognized technique.



Slims the waist by reshaping the lower ribs.

Male Breasts


Treats the accumulation of fat or breast tissue in men.

Intimate Surgery


Vulva, labia minora and majora.

Diastasis correction by video


Correction of abdominal muscles by video surgery.


Eyelid Plastic


Surgery that removes excess skin from the eyelids.

Facial Rejuvenation


Deep plane, mini lifting and minimally invasive lifting.

Botulinum Toxin


Expression and static wrinkles are alleviated with applications.



Procedure that corrects the volume of specific areas of the face.

Chin Plastic


Often combined with rhinoplasty, it increases the chin and harmonizes the face

Nose plastic surgery


One of Dr. Ralf Berger's main focuses of study.



(42) 3224-7099


(42) 9 9165-1001




International experience

Plastic Surgeon in the United Arab Emirates, recognized by the Dubai Health Authority. Constant updating at the main congresses.

Vaser Hidef and Vibro Lipo

This feature allows for more precise surgery, greater fat removal, greater safety and better results. In selected cases, we can draw the abdominal muscle contours.


The best technology available for treating sagging.

Breast implant with recovery in 24 hours

The evolution of the technique allows for faster recovery, with an early return to activities, without the need to limit arm movement.

face lift

Dr. Ralf is a pioneer in Deep Plane Facial Lifting in Paraná.


We have our own technique, nationally recognized, and which gives us great satisfaction with the results.


L-shaped mammoplasty

We are at the forefront of this surgery, our “State of the Art”!

Former student of the Ivo Pitanguy Institute

The most recognized Plastic Surgery school in the world.

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Leave a message, send an email to clinica@ralfberger.com.br or call (42) 3224.7099 and schedule your appointment with him.

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